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Helping Schools & Groups
Fundraise for 30+ Years

Your Elementary School's Partner for a Successful School Year

Kids Are First Fundraising has helped schools raise over 100 million dollars in the past 34 years and donates to children's charities through our "Partners in Giving" program.

We instill a positive character building message throughout our programs.

We provide programs for elementary schools, PTA's, PTO's, booster clubs and more. Our variety of brochure programs will ensure plenty of selection. The choice is up to you. Our brochure selections include wrapping paper, candy, gifts, gourmet foods, cookie dough, and much more at affordable pricing.

Top products and top profits.

We don't just focus on the profits, we are a company who offers top products, incredible motivation, and character building programs which makes us have the "total package".

Kids Are First Fundraising founder, Shirley Zink, receives the Individual Anti-Bullying Award at the 2014 National Conference on Bullying. Read more...