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Fundraising Choices


Simply Spring

  • Unique kitchen items
  • Gifts
  • Magazines
  • Gardening
  • Customized tote bags

Combine this brochure with gourmet delights or chocolate delights and have an amazing Spring fundraiser. Contact your rep to discuss prize program, custom kick-off assembly and more.

To sign up for this fundraiser or any brochure fundraiser click the sign up button below.

To sign up to sell Simply Spring, click here.

Gourmet Delights

  • 25 food items inside
  • Prices range from $8-$14
  • 4 different popcorns
  • 7 different snack items
  • 4 cookie mixes
  • Virginia Diner Peanuts

This brochure can be sold by itself or add to one of our other brochures for maximum sales 45% profit to school.

Chocolate Delights

  • 16 different yummy chocolate items
  • Prices range from $8-$20
  • 45% profit to school

You can run this brochure by itself or add to one of our other brochures for maximum sales.

Mrs. Fields

  • Pre-portioned frozen cookie dough
  • Ready-To-Bake
  • Contains Zero Trans Fat
  • Pre-portioned cookie dough
  • Cheesecakes
  • Auntie Anne's Pretzels
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Pre-packed per student

To sign up to sell Mrs. Fields, click here.


Fortune Cookies

Try these inspiring, encouraging, motivating, positive and uplifting chocolaty, gourmet dipped fortune cookies for your next fundraiser. Inside each cookie you'll find a positive, uplifting message that will work your heart and educate your mind. No one can resist the FUN in opening a fortune cookie.

They sell for $1.00 each and come in 60 cookie take out boxes. Each master case includes 4 take out boxes. To sign up to sell this unique fundraising item, just click here.

$1 Pretzel Rods

Indulge in the irresistible Van Wyk Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods. Simply perfect! The rods are dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in deliciousness. The mixture of the salty pretzel with the sweet chocolate and toppings is sure to satisfy all cravings.

Pretzel rods sell for $1.00 and contain 60 rods per student carrier. There are four carriers per master case.

To sign up to sell pretzel rods for your group, click here.

$1 Chocolatiers

Sell these amazing dollar chocolate bars that everyone loves! Certified peanut-free, each carrier comes with 18 creamy caramel, 18 roasted almonds, 14 crispy rice and 10 milk chocolate. That makes 60 bars per carrier and 4 carriers per master case. Each carrier case comes with a convenient easy-to carry handle.

To sign up for your group, click here.

$1 America's Variety

America's Variety pack made with premium chocolate and peanut free. Each carrier pack contains 12 creamy caramel, 16 milk chocolate and almonds, 12 crispy rice, 8 milk chocolate, 8 dark chocolate with almonds. There are 60 bars per carrier and 4 carriers per master case.

To sell America's Variety pack, click here.


Kid Power Thon

Let Kid Power Thon create an amazing fundraising event for your school! Choose a theme your students will love such as a bubble run, color run, glow run and more! Make high profits and provide an awesome experience for all. Learn more on our Kid Power Thon site.

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